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Manonmaniam Sundaranar University M.A. English III and IV Semester Syllabus

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University  M.A. English III and IV Semester Syllabus
(Effective from the academic year 2013 - 2014)

  1. Objectives
The P.G. Course in English Literature and Language aims to
·         equip students with an indepth knowledge of a wide spectrum of genres and writers
·         to help them acquire communicative skills and a global perspective of English Language
·         to enable them to understand the multicultural context of English language and literature
  1. Conditions for Admission
·         A candidate who has passed B.A. Degree Examination of M.S. University with Branch XII English as the Main subject of study
·         A graduate in B.A or B.Sc with Part II English
·         A candidate who has acquired any other Bachelor Degree of this university or any other university accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto shall be permitted to appear and qualify for M.A Degree Examination of this university in English in the affliated colleges of this university.
  1. Eligibility for the award of the Degree
A candidate shall be eligible for the award of the degree only if he/she has undergone the prescribed course of study for a period of not less than two academic years and passed the examinations of all the four semesters prescribed, earning 90 credits.
  1. Duration of the Course
The duration of the course is for two academic years consisting of four semesters each semester consisting of 90 working days.
The course of study shall comprise instruction in the following subjects according to the syllabus and books prescribed from time to time.
      III Semester
     Core Subjects:                                                                  Hrs                    Credits
  1. Shakespeare                                                                6                          4
  2. Critical Theory - Paper II                                            6                          4
  3. Canadian Literature                                                   6                          4
  4. Literature in Translation                                              6                          4
  5. English Language Teaching (Elective III)
Creative Writing (Elective III)                                   6                          5
                        Total (5 courses)                                            30                         21

      IV Semester
     Core Subjects:                                                                  Hrs                    Credits
  1. Women’s Writing in English                                       6                          5
  2. The English Language and Linguistics                       6                          5
  3. Research Methodology                                               6                          5
  4. Dissertation                                                                 6                          5
  5. The Post-Colonial Literature (Elective IV)                
Literature for Social Transformation (Elective IV)    6                          4
                  Total (5 courses)                                            30                         24

  1. Examinations:
The examinations shall be of 3 hours duration for each paper at the end of each semester. The candidate failing in any subject will be permitted to appear for each failed subject in the subsequent examinations.

  1. Scheme of Examinations:
Each paper contains an internal component. There is a pass minimum of 50% for external and overall components. The External Examination is for 75 marks and the Internal Assessment carries 25 marks. The Examination paper consists of three sections- the first consisting of 5 questions each of 2 marks each; the second 5 questions of 5 marks each and the third 5 questions of 8 marks each with a total of 75 marks.
            Section A        5 x 2 = 10
            Section B        5 x 5 = 25
            Section C        5 x 8 = 40

Each question offers an internal choice, set in an ‘either or pattern’. The questions will cover all 5 units of each paper.
Recommendations of the Core Committee
  1. Internal assessment:
Regarding the Internal assessment, the 25 marks is allocated in the following manner:

The Average of the best two tests from three
compulsory Tests
15 Marks
04 Marks
06 Marks
25 Marks
Note: Each test is of one hour duration.

Semester III
Hrs: 6        Credits:4

Unit  I            Othello          
Unit  II           RichardII
Unit  III         TheWinter’s Tale
Unit  IV         The Lover’s Complaint (A Poem)
Unit  V           Shakespearean Criticism
Quartos and Folios
Textual Criticism
Great Tragedies
Historical Plays
Dramatic Romances  
A.C. Bradley- Shakespearean Tragedy
A.W. Pollard- Shakespeare Folios and Quartos
G. Wilson Knight

Hrs:6         Credits:4

Unit   I                       Paul de Man             :           The Resistance to Theory
Unit   II                      M.H. Abrams              :          How to do Things with the Text?
Unit   III                    Edward Said             :           Culture and Imperialism
Unit   IV                    Michel Foucault        :          The Order of Discourse
Unit   V                      Richard Kerridge      :          Environmentalism and Eco                                                                                                Criticism

            Contemporary Criticism - An Anthology Vol.II edited by V.S.                                                Sethuraman.
            Beginning Theory – An Introduction to Literary and cultural theory –Peter                                    Barry 
            Contemporary Literary Theory: A Students’ Companion. ed. N. Krishnasamy,                    John Varghese, Sumita Mishra.  
            Modern Literary Theory: A Reader ed. Philip Rice & Patricia Waugh,                                  OUP, IV edition.
Hrs: 6        Credits: 4
Unit I             Poetry
A.M. Klein                             -           Political Meeting
E.J. Pratt                                 -           Silences
Al Purdy                                -           Listening to Myself
Wilfred Campbell                -           The  Winter Lakes
P.K.Page                                 -           Autumn
Unit II            Prose
Stephen Leacock                  -           “How to Avoid Getting Married”                                                              (from Literary Lapses)               
Margaret Atwood                 -           “Nature as Monster” (from  Survival )
Unit III          Fiction
Yann Martel                          -           Lifeof Pi
Alice Munro                          -           Dimensions
Unit IV          Fiction
Uma Parameswaran             -           Mangoes on the Maple  Tree
Unit V            Drama
George Ryga                         -           TheEcstasy of Rita Joe

An Anthology of Commonwealth Poetry (ed) C.D.Narasimhaiah. Chennai, Macmillan.
Too much Happiness by Alice Munro

Hrs: 6        Credits: 4

Unit I Poetry
            Thirukkural (Translated by G. U. Pope)
            Book 1           Chapter – 8                -           The Possession of Love
            Book 2           Chapter – 40             -           Learning
                        Chapter – 79             -           Friendship
Unit II            Poetry
            Subramaniya Bharathiyar               -           Indian Republic
                                                                                    There is no Fear
            (Translated by S Prema)
Bharathidasan                                   -           The Awakened Women
Women’s Education(Translated by                                  Prema Nandakumar)
The Bane of Widowhood                            (Translated by S Raman) 
Unit III          Fiction
            Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai           -           Chemmeen
            Thoppil Mohammed Meeran          -           The Story of Sea Side Village

Unit IV          Drama
            Bertolt  Brecht                                  -           Mother Courage
            Anton Chekhov                                -           Three Sisters
Unit V            Drama
            R K Narayan                                     -           The Ramayana
            Selected Poems of Bharathidasan- Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
            Thirukkural Translated by G U Pope, Shree Shenbhaga Pathippagam

Hrs: 6        Credits:5
Unit I
English in India – Past, Present and Future
The Nature of Human Language
Linguistics, Psychology and English Teaching
Approach, Method and Technique
Unit II
Essentials of English Speech
Teaching Spoken English: Some Techniques
Essential Word-Grammar for Teachers
Teaching of Vocabulary
Unit III
Essentials of English Grammar
The Teaching of Grammar
Reading and Teaching of Reading
Writing and Teaching of Writing and Composition
Unit IV
Teaching Prose and Poetry
Use of Blackboard and other Instructional Aids
Study Skills and Reference Skills
Unit V
Tests and Testing
Common Errors and Remedial English
Planning and Lesson Planning
Methods of Teaching English by N Krishnaswamy and Lalitha                                               Krishnaswamy. Macmillan Publication.
            Readings in English Language Teaching in India by Shirin Kudchedkar.                            Orient BlackSwan Publishers.
            Teaching English as a Second Language by Paul Verghese . Sterling                                    Publishers
Hrs:6         Credits:5
Unit I             Writing and Thinking
                        Creative Thinking
                        Thinking about purpose, audience and tone
Writing a First Draft
Evaluating and Revising
Proof Reading and Publishing
Unit II            Writing a poem
Literary Devices
Poetic Analysis
Unit III          Non-Fictional Writing
Paragraph Structure
Writing an Introduction
Writing a conclusion

Unit IV         Writing a Short Story
                       Basic Elements
                       Basic Framework
Unit V           Screenplay Writing/Writing a Play
                       Literary Techniques
             Elements of Writing (Complete Course ). James L.Kinneavy ,John E.

Semester IV
Hrs: 6        Credits:5
Unit I  Poetry
Sylvia Plath                                       -           The Colossus
Maya Angelou                                  -           Caged Bird
Imitiaz Dharker                                -           Choice
Judith Wright                                    -           Clock and Heart
Unit II  Prose
Virginia Woolf                                 -           To Cambridge Women
Arundhathi Roy                                -           The Loneliness of Noam Chomsky
Unit III Fiction
Jhumpha  Lahiri                               -           The Namesake
Alice Walker                                     -           TheColour Purple
Unit  IV  Drama
            Maha Swetadevi                               -           Mother of 1084
Caryl Churchill                                 -           Top Girls
Unit V   Feminist Theory
Simone de Beauvoir                        -           Woman and the Other
Elaine Showalter                              -           Towards a Feminist Poetics

   /Bio/maya  -angelou
An Anthology of Commonwealth Poetry (ed) .D.Narasimhaiah.                                 Chennai, Macmillan
For Arundhathi Roy’s The Loneliness of Noam Chomsky-
Literature in the Modern World: Critical Essays and Documents(ed.)          Dennis Walder . Oxford  University Press

Hrs: 6        Credits:5
Unit   I           English Language
Place of English in the Indo – European Family of Languages
Old English, Middle English, Modern English
Grimm’s Law, Verner’s Law
Unit   II
                        Influences: Latin, French, Greek, and Scandinavian
Unit   III        Linguistics
                        What is Linguistics?
Modern Linguistics: A Historical Survey
Unit   IV
Morphology and Word Formation
What is Semantics?
                        Theories of Semantics

Unit   V          Phonetics
Phonetics: Classification of English Vowels and Consonants
Stress and Intonation
F T Wood- An Outline History of English Language 
AnIntroduction to Linguistics: Language, Grammar and Semantics   By Syal Pushpinder, D V  Jindal 2nd edition PHI Learning Publisher(Pages: 1-27, 39-50,77-96, 141-156)
            Dr P Iyyadurai- English Phonetics for Beginners, Jones Publications.
Lalitha Ramamurthi- A History of English Language and Elements of                                   Phonetics, Macmillan Publication

Hrs:6         Credits:5
Unit   I          
Selecting a topic
Conducting Research
Compiling a Working Bibliography
Unit   II
Taking Notes
Unit   III
The Mechanics of Writing
Unit   IV
The Format of a Research Paper
Unit   V
Documentation (I): Preparing the list of Works Cited
·        Citing Periodical Print Publications
·        Citing Nonperiodical Print Publications
·        Citing Web Publications
Documentation (II): Citing Sources in the Text
            Holt Guide

Hrs: 6        Credits:5

          The students are expected to submit a Dissertation of about 50 pages on preferably a recent writer not included in the current syllabi.
            The dissertation will be evaluated on the basis of the students’ understanding of the topic, their knowledge of the fundamental aspects of research and their ability to document and present their work in accordance with the concepts of research methodology.
Hrs:6         Credits:4
Unit I             Poetry
Derek Walcott                      -           A Far Cry from Africa
Gabriel Okara                       -           You Laughed and Laughed and Laughed
Margaret Atwood                 -           Journey to the Interior

Unit II            Poetry
Muhammed Haji Salleh       -           Blood
Jean Arasanayagam             -           In the Month of July
-           “Wild Colonial Boy” (Anonymous                                   Australian Poem)
Unit III          Drama
Wole Soyinka                       -           Death and the King’s Horseman
Manjula Padmanaban          -           Harvest
Unit IV          Prose
Chinua Achebe                     -           Novelist as a Teacher
Frantz Fanon                         -           National Culture
Unit V            Fiction
Michael Ondaatje                 -           The English Patient
Bapsi Sidwa                          -           Ice-candy Man
Poetry-An Anthology of Commonwealth Poetry by C.D.Narasimhaiah
Prose-The Post-colonial Studies Reader By Bill Ashcroft

Hrs: 6                   Credits:4
Unit I Poetry
William Blake                                   -           From Auguries of Innocence
                                                                        (First 26 lines)
P B Shelley                                        -           Prometheus Unbound
Unit II Poetry
Oliver Goldsmith                             -           The Deserted Village
Ogden Nash                                       -           Bankers are just like anybody                                                       else except Richer   
Unit III Prose
Ruskin                                                -           Unto This Last
Newman                                             -           The Idea of a University
Unit IV Fiction
Roman Basu                                      -           Outcast
            R K Narayan                                     -           The Barbers’ Trade Union
Unit V Drama
Wole Soyinka                                   -           The Trials of Brother Jero

            Rene Wellek : Literature and Society